About us

Our Story

Premium psylobins shop was founded by a team of dedicated and hardworking individuals a couple of years ago with the principal goal of selling psychedelic products and educating the public on the benefits of these products. It has being a long and complicated process met with numerous challenges on the way. several failures, fierce competion form other brands and companies however, we have survived, working hard every day to provide our customers with high quality products at cheap and affordable prices. The stigma associated with psychedelic products has made things even more difficult. However, the benefits of these products are many and can not be under looked. 

We truly believe in the power of magic mushrooms and the incredible benefits they can bring into the lives of those in need of these products. We are at the forefront of the shrooms wave and we want to take you on this journey with us.

Our number one goal is to provide our customers with high quality products and educate them on the benefits of these products.

Enjoy fast expedited shipping with a tracking number and guaranteed delivery.

Our Approach

Our manner of approach is flexible .

We our aware of the fact that, there our thousands of individuals out there who can benefit from these products however, it is difficult for them to have access to high quality products. so we have a dedicated team of experts who are always willing and ready to educate potential customers of any age[18 and above] on the benefits and uses of psychedelic products such as mushrooms, magic mushroom gummies,  mushroom chocolate bars, mushroom spore, mushroom prints, DMT, mushroom capsules, magic truffles, and many others. Depending on what you need our team can privide you with information about the product and answers to all your questions.

Strong Team/Mission Statement

Strong Team

We have a team of dedicated and educated members who have enough knowledge about psychedelic products and uses.

mission statement

premium psylocybins shop is on a mission to create and provide the best psychedelic  products imaginable…
The finest ingredients, amazing flavors, and perfect  combinations. You want quality, transparency, and effectiveness, and that’s exactly what we’re going to give you!

premium psylocybins was founded by experts who share the same love and views for psychedelic products they saw the need to share their knowledge with every one around the world.

We built this company for everyone to have access and enjoy the benefits of these products.